Seventh Official UN LanguageEdit

South Asia is home to 1.7Billion Desis and 400+ regional languages, written using 20+ distinct writing systems. Just like Mandarin, Hamari Boli (Hindi-Urdu ) is the most widely spoken and used language in the Indo-Pak subcontinent and With 1Billion+ speakers worldwide, ranks only 2nd to Mandarin. Just as Arabic is the language of the Arab World, Hamari Boli is the lingua franca of the Desi World. Not just Indo-Pak but entire South Asia indeed i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, Srilanka, Afghanistan and the 50Mn+ Desi Diaspora worldwide. The very name "Hamari Boli" (Our Langauge) is neither Shudh Hindi nor Saaf Urdu and brings an air of familiarity for all desis and reinforces the idea of it being "The Desi Lingua Franca". Recognition and adoption of Hamari Boli as the 7th Official UN Language will greatly help creating a pan South Asian awareness leading to greater Desi solidarity.

Besides creating a most prominent identity marker in the assembly of nations, recognition and adoption of Hindi-Urdu as the 7th Official UN Language will also greatly help creating a pan South Asian awareness leading to greater Desi solidarity, especially invigorating the recent people-driven wave of goodwill among Indians and Pakistanis. The nascent phenomena is unprecedented in scale and scope and this recognition will send a very positive message of regional identity to all South Asian nations on behalf the world community.

Desi Consortium for Hamari Boli

In light of the above, Hamari Boli undeniably deserves being adopted as the 7th Official UN Language. We're petitioning the UN in this regard, undertaking and offering full assistance in terms of funds and all the many project needs.

To the end, we're setting up a formal consortium dedicated to HB adoption, strongly urging and inviting all SAARC governements to join the "Desi Consortium for Hamari Boli", the formal body constituted to pursue, advocate and promote the case for Hamari Boli to be adopted as an official UN language alongside Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, Russian & Spanish. Register here if you'd like to collaborate .

Kicking off the consortium on the occasion of Indo-Pak's 65th independence anniversary on 14-15th August 2012, with an online petition requesting the United Nations on behalf of all Desis. Please sign and share with everyone you know .

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