Shades of Hamari BoliEdit

A wiki based audio-visual speech corpus of Hamari Boli, documenting and preserving all the many different accents and styles of Hindi-Urdu spoken across South Asia and Desi diaspora worldwide. The inspiration for this came from Amir Khan's groundbreaking and landmark show Satya Mev Jayate where scores of participants from across India recounted their experiences in their native accent and style of Hamari Boli. Besides being phenomenally remarkable in all respects, SMJ content is also invaluable from a linguistic perspective. Ideally, we'd like to start with clips from SMJ Season 1 published on this wiki in "Shades of Hamari Boli" categroy with standard speech corpus data. For this we need permission and would like to request the great Amir Khan and SMJ team on behalf of all Desis to consider releasing season 1 content, research and data under Creative Commons and offer full assistance in open-sourcing the SMJ revolution.